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Six features you must have for your website

1. Blogs

They’re quick and easy to update, they can be informal (if appropriate) and they can develop a large audience if they’re written well. A blog can also be a way of encouraging communication between you and your customer base, by giving them the ability to comment on posts.

2. Customer reviews

Taking communication one step further: enable customers to review you, your products and your services. It increases customer confidence, and don’t be scared of bad reviews: they give you the chance to react quickly and prove your reliability, with the added benefit of increased customer loyalty.

3. Regularly updated content

Search engine love new content, and making sure your website is updated frequently not only helps your SEO campaign, but also marks you out as an authoritive figure within your field. Don’t worry about the time it takes to write industry-specific news – iweave can arrange that for you.

4. RSS and Atom feeds

Allowing users of your website to subscribe to your news and blog feeds not only helps to establish you as an authority in your area of business, but also encourages repeat visits and increased brand awareness and loyalty – all contributing to increased levels of sales.

5. Functional footer

A functional footer is often seen as just another way of increasing clicks within your website. But it’s more than that. A functional footer improves usability, is simple to build, is very en vogue and provides a high density of key words to contribute to your SEO.

6. Digital planning

Digital planning is the difference between a good website and a great website! Professional analysis of your objectives, target market and competitors will give you the perfect solution for maximising your ROI and gaining a competitive edge, providing recommendations tailored to your exact requirements and budget. Everyone needs digital planning, so speak to iweave about how it can help you.